About Me

Food Stylist, Caterer, Curator of Beauty, Photographer, Floral Designer, Interiors, Global collector of beautiful things.

I’m Debbie, and I have been making the table pretty since I was 5.

Sounds crazy really but my chef mother in an effort to get me out of the kitchen would give me a stack of dishes, and anything else and say “go make the table look pretty”. We had fruit trees, and a garden year round in Florida so I searched house and gardens and used everything at my reach including climbing on top of counters, out of reach.

My love of tablescapes was birthed then, and like anything you are passionate about, I became and expert at luxury entertaining and interiors. Eventually I did get into the kitchen and learned a few things from my Arabic mother. So much so I made a career as a food stylist, floral designer, Creative director for some of the most luxurious brands in the world, including Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Ritz Carlton, Horchow and many others. I eventide a career as a global jewelry designer who traveled extensively and expanded my style to a more eclectic and international feel.

I have thrown parties and weddings for family, friends government leaders and celebrities. It was my friends who mentioned that I should help other people throw parties and teach people to entertain. I laughed – “this is a labor of love” I always commented.

It still is a labor of love bringing my talents into your home and helping you bless your friends and family.

I am a lover of beauty

Entertaining is my way of loving on my family, friends and guests. I love to throw a party, mine or yours.

Florals are my way of communing with nature, the garden and God, appreciating the gorgeous way he created them for our enjoyment.

Making things beautiful whether directing a creative event or a platter of charcuterie, makes me smile.


Some of My Experiences

I’ll come back to this. For now just know there are so many.